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Leaving The 20th Century.

(Siendo una lista ecléctica e integral de La Parca, en el último año y medio, presentada aquí para su deleite, ilustración y reflexión).

Enero 2007.

Alice Coltrane, 69, American jazz musician and widow of John Coltrane, respiratory failure.
Robert Anton Wilson, 74, American novelist, futurist and conspiracy theory researcher, post-polio syndrome.
Momofuku Ando, 96, Taiwanese-born inventor of Nissin instant ramen noodles including the Cup Noodle, heart failure.

Marzo 2007

Jean Baudrillard, 77, French postmodernist philosopher and sociologist.
Arnold Drake, 83, American comic book writer (Doom Patrol), pneumonia and septic shock.
Marshall Rogers, 57, American comic book artist, heart attack
Drew Hayes, 37, American comic book writer/artist (Poison Elves), heart attack.

Abril 2007

Sol LeWitt, 78, American artist known for his role in the Conceptualism and Minimalism movements, cancer.
Johnny Hart, 76, American cartoonist (B.C., The Wizard of Id), stroke
Kurt Vonnegut, 84, American novelist and social critic, brain injury from a fall.
Boris Yeltsin, 76, first President of the Russian Federation (1991–1999), heart failure.

Mayo 2007.

Bruno Mattei, 75, Italian film director.

Julio 2007.

Mr. Butch, 56, American homeless person and local celebrity in Boston, scooter accident.
Roberto Fontanarrosa, 62, Argentine cartoonist and writer, ALS.
László Kovács, 74, Hungarian-born cinematographer
Ingmar Bergman, 89, Swedish stage and film director
Michelangelo Antonioni, 94, Italian film director

Agosto 2007.

Lee Hazlewood, 78, American country music singer and songwriter ("These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"), renal cancer.
Joybubbles, 58, American phone phreak
Tony Wilson, 57, British owner of Factory Records, radio and TV presenter, journalist, heart attack.
Clarence Tex Walker, 61, American rhythm and blues musician, heart attack.
Mike Wieringo, 44, American comic book artist, heart attack.
Liam Rector, 58, American poet, Folger Shakespeare Library program director, suicide by shotgun
Max Roach, 83, American jazz drummer.
Hilly Kristal, 75, American club owner (CBGB), complications of lung cancer.

Septiembre 2007.

Joe Zawinul, 75, Austrian jazz keyboardist and composer, founder of Weather Report, cancer.
Bobby Byrd, 73, American soul/funk singer, long-time friend and collaborator of James Brown, cancer
Colin McRae, 39, British World Rally champion, helicopter crash
Marcel Marceau, 84, French mime artist.
Gyula Zsivótzky, 70, Hungarian hammer thrower, 1968 Olympics gold medallist, cancer.
Luciano Pavarotti, 71, Italian operatic tenor, pancreatic cancer.

Octubre 2007.

Joey Bishop, 89, American entertainer, last surviving member of the Rat Pack.
Robert Goulet, 73, American singer and actor, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Senkichi Taniguchi, 95, Japanese film director, pneumonia.

Noviembre 2007.

Paul Tibbets, 92, American pilot of the Enola Gay which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, heart failure.
Norman Mailer, 84, American Pulitzer Prize–winning author (The Naked and the Dead, The Executioner's Song), renal failure.
Vladimir Kryuchkov, 83, Russian former KGB chief, led coup against Mikhail Gorbachev.

Diciembre 2007.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, 79, German composer.
Karl Ludwig, Archduke of Austria, 89, Austrian son of Emperor Charles I of Austria.
Ike Turner, 76, American R&B musician and record producer, ex-husband of Tina Turner, cocaine overdose.
Walter Bowart, 68, American co-founder of East Village Other, colon cancer.
Oscar Peterson, 82, Canadian jazz pianist, kidney failure and complications from a stroke.
Michael Goldberg, 83, American abstract expressionist painter, heart attack

Enero 2008.

Brad Renfro, 25, American actor (The Client, Ghost World), accidental heroin overdose.
Bobby Fischer, 64, American chess grandmaster, world champion (1972–1975), kidney failure.
Richard Knerr, 82, American co-founder of Wham-O, inventor of the frisbee and Hula Hoop, stroke.
Heath Ledger, 28, Australian Academy Award-nominated actor (Brokeback Mountain), accidental prescription drug overdose.
Suharto, 86, Indonesian President (1967–1998), multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.

Febrero 2008.

Mindrolling Trichen, 78, Tibetan ceremonial head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.
Steve Gerber, 60, American comic book writer, creator of Howard the Duck, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Henri Salvador, 90, French jazz singer and guitarist, aneurysm.
Jim Jones, 57, American rock guitarist (Pere Ubu), heart attack.
Alain Robbe-Grillet, 85, French writer (Last Year at Marienbad), heart failure.

Marzo 2008.

Gary Gygax, 69, American co-creator of role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.
Dave Stevens, 52, American illustrator, creator of The Rocketeer, leukemia.
Mikey Dread, 54, Jamaican singer, record producer and broadcaster, brain tumor.
Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 90, Sri Lankan/British science fiction author (2001: A Space Odyssey), heart failure.
Bestia Salvaje, 46, Mexican lucha libre wrestler, liver disease.
Klaus Dinger, 61, German drummer (Neu!, Kraftwerk), heart failure.
Richard Widmark, 93, American Academy Award-nominated actor (Kiss of Death, Judgment at Nuremberg), after long illness
Manuel Marulanda, 78, Colombian founder and commander-in-chief of terrorist organization FARC.
Jim Mooney, 88, American comic book artist

Abril 2008.

Albert Hofmann, 102, Swiss researcher, chemist and discoverer of LSD, heart attack.

Mayo 2008.

John Phillip Law, 70, American actor (Barbarella)
Will Elder, 86, American comic book artist (Mad, Little Annie Fanny), Parkinson's disease.

Junio 2008.

Yves Saint Laurent, 71, French fashion designer, founder of Yves Saint Laurent brand, brain cancer.
Bo Diddley, 79, American rock and roll and blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist, heart failure.
Stan Winston, 62, American Academy Award–winning special effects and make-up artist, multiple myeloma.
Cyd Charisse, 86, American actress and dancer (Singin' in the Rain, The Band Wagon), heart attack
George Carlin, 71, American comedian and actor, heart failure.
Michael Turner, 37, American comic book artist and publisher, chondrosarcoma.

Julio 2008.

Thomas M. Disch, 68, American science fiction author (Camp Concentration, The Brave Little Toaster), suicide.
Bobby Durham, 71, American jazz drummer.
Charles H. Joffe, 78, American Academy Award-winning film producer (Annie Hall), after long illness.

Agosto 2008.

Gary Mooney, 78, American animator (Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, George of the Jungle), cancer.
Jerry Wexler, 91, American record producer, heart failure.
Carlos Meglia, 50, Argentine comic book artist.
Johnny Moore, 70, Jamaican trumpeter, founding member of The Skatalites, cancer.
Jerry Finn, 39, American record producer (Blink-182, Green Day, Morrissey), cerebral hemorrhage.
Del Martin, 87, American gay rights activist, first legal same-sex marriage in California, complications from bone fracture.
Jimmy Cleveland, 82, American jazz trombonist.

Septiembre 2008.

Bill Meléndez, 91, Mexican-born American animator (Peanuts)
David Foster Wallace, 46, American author and essayist, suicide by hanging.
Richard Wright, 65, British pianist and keyboardist (Pink Floyd), cancer.

(La fuente, como siempre, Wikipedia).

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Juan Karlos dijo...

Pa, que garron no sabia que se había muerto Jim Jones.

Brunomilan dijo...

Mr. Butch, 56, American homeless person and local celebrity in Boston, scooter accident(?)

Amadeo dijo...

algun dia entenderas la contribucion duradera a la cultura del siglo que dio Mr. Butch.

AMB dijo...

que grande ike turner muriendo por la nariz

DagNasty dijo...

La lista no para, murió Norman Whitfield.

rodri dijo...

te faltó bernie mac

mvc dijo...

bueno que queres, salvo un par de excepciones la gente que nombras en la lista tenia de promedio 70 años, algun dia se tenian que morir.

Amadeo dijo...


mvc, esta todo bien con la muerte, solo me parecio divertido compilar una lista.

(ademas me produce un cierto placer perverso saber que hay gente a la que leer eso capaz la deprime profundamente, pero bue, Joe Strummer se murio en el 2002 y yo todavia no me repongo :P)

mvc dijo...


en todo caso esta bueno ver que se estan yendo muchas figuras claves del siglo pasado y que mucho recambio interesante no hay...

DagNasty dijo...

"solo me parecio divertido compilar una lista"

¿divertido compilar una lista de muertos?

Ezequiel dijo...

perverso? el tucu? nah.

COTOX dijo...

yo lo que digo es ¿donde están los obituarios y las retrospectivas dedicadas al genio que co dirigió "Porno Holocaust"? Mattei la historia te absolverá

Pega dijo...

Falta el loco de The Lambrettas que crepó hace poco e imperdonable la ausencia del GRAN Isaac Hayes

Amadeo dijo...

pega: usted tiene razon, como casi siempre, me lo salte inexplicablemente. ya lo pongo.

AMB dijo...

bergara leumman jeje

Anónimo dijo...

Amadeo, no es inexplicable, usaste wikipedia, por eso. :P

Dario dijo...

Falta Robbe-Grillet, al que le dediqué un pequeño post muy poco antes de que muriera.

AMB dijo...

ja. no seras mufa vos no?

theremin dijo...

como lloré por YSL!

Y no te puedo creer lo de Foster Wallace.

Razz dijo...

que bueno lambrettas!! snif, si, se murió el 28 de agosto, el guitarra y uno de los fundadores

capitan marvel dijo...

kurt vonnegut
hay imitadores y algunos incluso son excelentes pero no habrá ninguno igual no habrá ninguno

aunque ya no escribía lo lamente muchísimo

hasta creo que se me piantó un lagrimón


Anónimo dijo...

no se murio victor sueiro?

_crisis dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

falta neustadt o como mierda se escriba