martes, 18 de mayo de 2010


“There are too many groups, there are too many musicians,” he says later. “And they’re all in it for the wrong reasons. I’m sorry Tony, but they are. I saw this documentary on BBC2 about Pulp or Blur. They’re going, ‘We’re in it because of women or drugs’ What you fucking talking about?”’ They’re saying, ‘We always wanted to be like The Beatles: get women’ Imagine saying that to This Heat [Mark laughs, hysterical] It’s always: ‘Jarvis Cocker would never get a woman unless he was in a group’ So who cares? Good for you boy. Well done. I got more women before I was in The Fall. I had more money before I was in The Fall.”

- Mark E. Smith
(de acá)

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Dario dijo...

el evangelio según mark e smith. el mes entendió todo.