miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2007

Myspace is a social networking website created for preteens and teens as a way to further isolate themselves from their parents and sexualize themselves more quickly. Myspace allows these children to create an entire web page dedicated to themselves and they generally decorate it accordingly. Many kids who think they're "hip" and "cool" use Myspace and spend hours looking at other people's profiles, endlessly posting poorly written messages and waiting for the love of their life to come online. There are many types of kids who use myspace: Goths, pussy hounds, slutty attention whores and losers are just a few examples.

The Encyclopedia of Stupid, a la que llegué hace poco de casualidad a través del artículo de Mr. Hands, puede ser muy divertida. Es una especie de Uncyclopedia pero con humor snarky reemplazando el sentido del humor absurdo.

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Mariano dijo...

mortal el artículo sobre Bob Geldof, aunque (o "puesto que") políticamente incorrecto:

"As with all Irishmen, Geldof has come in for a fair amount of criticism. While many found it strange that a concert for Africa involved no black people, what was more upsetting was the lack of any talent whatsoever. Live Aid had Queen, and Led Zeppelin on a particularly heavy drugs day. Live 8 was devoid of any new talent whatsoever, aside from a few old bands that clearly wished drugs had finished them off sometime before 1975. (...) Starving people don't want to have to listen to bland pop dirges before they die, they want hardXcore death metal so they can all start moshing until they bite the dust through exhaustion."