jueves, 19 de julio de 2007

Searching the web in 2005 Daryl Waller came across a forum called ‘How to Find Axl Rose’. Amazed to see the amount of people posting messages searching and obsessing about Axl. He posted a message saying that he was the ‘real Axl Rose’ and could be emailed at axlrose01@hotmail.com: -

Dear fans and un-fans. I am getting tired of reading these things on-line all the time, so here is my email address for you all to write your questions to me. If it goes crazy then I'll just let it go over its limit and set up a new account. I can't say I will read everything; I'm very busy these days.
I hope to hear from you all soon.

Best Wishes,


Hundreds of emails poured into the mailbox in a matter of weeks sent from people from all over the world, and while some assumed (rightly) that the email address was phoney, they wrote anyway, just in case. (..) After it all had died down, he edited the thousands of emails and compiled the best of them into a book.

Genial, Genial, Genial. por más info, aca.

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krahd dijo...

se me escapa qué es lo genial...

Quese dijo...

se me escapa lo bueno en los guns n´roses tambien.. :(